Centre for Global Open Access Learning, Immersive Technology and Quality Assurance (GOAL-ITQAN) is a support centre that in general function to initiate, coordinate, meliorate, and sustain innovation in teaching and learning, accreditation and quality assurance, and ICT facilities (academic & administration) in a more holistic and collective way to persist the globalisation and dynamism of education.

The original idea of GOAL-ITQAN establishment was mobilised since July 2015 by the convergence of three independent centres which were GOAL Centre, PIPP and PTM. Upon further discussion and consolidation, the merger was officially announced during the Vice Chancellor 2016 New Year Address on 23rd February 2016, and started its operation as a new department on the 1st of April 2016.

GOAL-ITQAN is headed by its first Director; Prof. Dr. Rozhan M. Idrus, which is also the Chief Information Officer of USIM. The four (4) main divisions of this department are headed by four Deputy Directors; Associate Prof. Dr. Azwani Sofia Ahmad Khiar for the Division of Accreditation and Quality Assurance (BAJK), Dr. Najwa Hayaati Mohd Alwi for the Division of Innovation in Teaching & Learning (BIPP), Dr. Mohd Zalisham Jali for the Division of ICT Development & Advancement (BPPI), and Dr. Nurkhamimi Zainuddin for the Division of Madal Hayah.

The essence of the establishment was based on 14 principles of educational innovations encompassing all relevant stakeholders, and relevant influential factors. As a whole, GOAL-ITQAN will affirm the idea of advocating aggressive development and innovation in current educational needs, supporting the Malaysia Education Blueprint (Higher Education) which emphasises on technology-based-deliveries, enhancing the access, quality and content excellence in USIM’s educational materials, coordinating acculturation and implementation of innovative teaching and learning methods, and to facilitate the logistics and administrative growth in the educational ecosystem.

Empowered by 87 personnel spread out to 11 units, the merger was intended for management efficiency, strengthening the department’s significance, and furnishing USIM with the right ingredient in the effort of integrating Naqli & aqli philosophy and knowledge both in its academic courses and in the personnel charisma.

August 2016


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