What is MOOC

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Massive Open Online Course
MOOC is a model of educational delivery that is, to varying degrees, massive, with theoretically no limit to enrollment; open, allowing anyone to participate, usually at no cost; online, with learning activities taking place typically over the web; and a course, structured around a set of learning goals in a defined area of study. (EDUCAUSE, 2013)
Generally the term MOOC refers to a course that are open and free for anyone and allow for certification conferment upon the enrollment to a certain degree provider and passing of an examination or test depending on the level of the studies.
MOOC in Malaysian Public Universities (MOOC IPTA)
MOOC in IPTA is a strategic agenda or flagship program for all public universities in Malaysia under the MOE. 
The purpose of MOOC, among others are to improve the quality of R & D at universities in Malaysia, to save the cost of delivering same set of courses, pushing Malaysian public university course to the global level, to promote visibility, positioning and branding of Malaysian IPTA and also to advocate the concept of Lifelong Learning among IPTA.
In the early stage of implementation, a total of four public courses for year 1 student have been developed in the form of public MOOC by 4 universities as follows:
ii) Hubungan Etnik by UKM
iii) Entrepreneurship (or Keusahawanan in USIM) by UiTM
iv) ICT Competency (or Teknologi Maklumat dan Komunikasi in USIM) by UNIMAS
MOOC IPTA learning materials can be accessed via OpenLearning platform (www.openlearning.com/malaysiamoocs). Learning materials are consisting of course ware, video, documents, links, and so on, and each one is followed by recommendations of learning activities such as discussion, reflection, quizzes and reporting. Each university are to impose at least 30% of learning for these 4 courses in the form of MOOC (ie 5 weeks of learning of the 15 weeks of study).
How it will be implemented
Respective lecture for each IPTA will ask students to follow the learning material provided in openlearning.com, before attending lectures / classes. Lecturers need to make a poster for 30% of the learning material provided in MOOC platform in classrooms (Flipped classroom). Lecturers are encouraged to make an assessment as learning materials provided in MOOC used. Assessment can be done as often (manually or using public e-learning platform, respectively) depending on the universities requirement.
More info on MOOC
Video of MOOC briefing by GOAL Centre  <-- Coming Soon !!!
Guide to register MOOC IPTA <-- Click here to download
Good luck and happy studying!. - GOAL Care


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