AKEPT Competency & Enhancement Programme (ACEP)

In order to facilitate the transformation of teaching,  learning and research in Higher Education Institutions, AKEPT has established AKEPT Competency & Enhancement Programme (ACEP) which consists of sixteen (16) Teaching and Learning Modules and five (5) Research Modules. The programme provides a career development roadmap for academic faculty members in teaching,  learning and research - from a novice to a leader and eventually a trainer. The development takes into account the key feature of the academia world that it embeds scholarship of teaching,  learning and research, a pertinent constituent of being an academic in a Higher Education Institution.

Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), has been appointed as the Central Zone Leader for AKEPT Competency & Enhancement Programme (ACEP). We currently offerred 2 modules.

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AKEPT Competency & Enhancement Programme (ACEP) Important Date


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