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Assalamualaikum w.b.t.
Alhamdulilllah, Thanks to Allah Subhanawata'ala.

This website provides the overview of responsibilities and activities of the Learning & Teaching Innovation Division or also known as Bahagian Inovasi Pembelajaran & Pengajaran (BIPP). This division was established successfully on the 1st April 2016 with the objective of providing the facilities and platform for e-learning establishment in USIM. The pristine objective of the GOAL-ITQAN is to be a leading centre of Islamic studies that utilizes ICT and nouveau educational technology to explore issues of the well-being and the needs of society.

The establishment of this centre is also seen as an innovative ways of USIM to be more competitive in the global world by providing holistic graduates, quality teaching & learning facilities and world-class education. We also provides an opportunity for a wider learning community throughout the continent with the objective to develop a better personal growth by providing access to open knowledge, skills, intellectual and relevant information by offering Global Access Continuous Education (G-ACE) / Lifelong Learning programme and Open Educational Resources (OER).

Remarking the change in global economic trend to be more ‘knowledge-based-economy’ has encouraged USIM to development a holistic human being. Taking the responsibility in playing our role to fulfil this aspiration, Learning & Teaching Innovation Division is committed in becoming the "best friend forever" for worldwide individuals, through the offering of online and open education at the lowest cost possible.

Hopefully (inshaAllah), effectively play their role to inflate the utilization and acculturation of quality in USIM align with the National e-Learning Policy (DePAN - Dasar e-Pembelajaran Negara), ICT Policy & International Quality Standard.

We welcome your comments and suggestions as how to improve the delivery of our services and the contents and presentation of our website. Your contributions are highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Dr. Najwa Hayaati Mohd Alwi

Deputy Director

Learning & Teaching Innovation Division

Global Open Access Learning, Immersive Technology & Quality Assurance


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