History of BIPP

National Higher Education Strategic Plan (NHESP) or Pelan Strategik Pengajian Tinggi Negara (PSPTN) as announced in the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9th MP) on March 2006, has emphasised the second phase of the Malaysian government’s effort to achieve Vision 2020. Prior to this announcement is one of its Critical Agenda Projects (CAPs) which is the execution of e-Learning by Malaysian Public University. Driven by the government ambition, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) decided to include e-Learning into its Key Result Area (KRA). Listed as an accented project, e-Learning development is a must and had facilitates the establishment of responsible department specifically to cater the needs and requirement of online education.

Historically, USIM e-Learning platform development project started in the year 2003, where e-Learning development was accommodated in the initiation of the ICT Strategic Plan during the growth of Pusat Pengurusan Ilmu & Teknologi Maklumat (currently known as Pusat Teknologi Maklumat). The first Learning Management System (LMS) was announced in 2006 named e-Kuliyyah, which then being replaced in 2008 by stabler platform, fabricated with the cooperation of Open University Malaysia (OUM) called myLMS Ver 4.0.

The early management of LMS was handed to the Pusat Teknologi maklumat, which then arrogated to the new management under InnoLearning Centre (ILC) or Pusat Inovasi Pembelajaran & Pengajaran (PIPP) in 2010. ILC was responsible for the implementation of e-Learning and given the specific function to provide e-Learning training and support to all academic staff. InnoLearning Network (ILN) or Unit Jaringan Pembelajaran (UJP) was established under the ILC in the early of 2010, led by a coordinator, given the responsibility to enhance and further disseminate the e-Learning culture in USIM. Process of culturing includes drafting and effectuation of the e-Learning policies, imparting the latest apps and skills of the online educations, carrying out system improvement and enriching the e-content.

The popularization and prominence of e-Learning in USIM had given rise to the e-Learning centre founded by the 2nd Vice Chancellor of USIM; Professor Dato’ Dr. Muhamad Muda. This centre was name Global Open Access Learning Centre (GOAL Centre) or Pusat Akses Pembelajaran Terbuka Global, with its main function is to extend the obligation given to ILN. GOAL Centre is responsible for the realization of online program and the development of online education system. Officially operating on the 1st of October 2011, Currently, GOAL Centre is located in the Library building; siz month after its first day operating and the centre is run by ten (10) staffs headed by Director; Dr. Ernie Suzana Ali.

The establishment of GOAL Center move aligned with the development of the new online education system which took place on the August of 2011. This system, named Global Open Access Learning System (GOALS) has fully replaced the previous system (myLMS Ver. 4.0) in November 2011. This system is a comprehensive and flexible e-Learning platform that is designed to provide users with a single dashboard; that integrate information, administration, teaching & learning, communication and support services. GOALS houses all the learning materials and content required for the programmes includes education activities such as quizzes, discussion and even web conference system.

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