Content & System Development Unit has been established :

  • To ensure that current Learning Management System (LMS) is being up-to-date and enhanced consistently with recent technology. LMS will also be upgraded regularly with security patches and upgrades from Moodle HQ. Additionally, this unit is also responsible for safeguarding e-learning system and server in superior condition and accessible without any hindrance :

Others responsibilities of this unit are :

  • Plan, Design, Develop, Code and Maintain Lifelong Learning (LLL) system
  • Plan, Design, Develop, Code and Maintain Online Distance Learning (USIMOE/GACE) system
  • Plan, Design, Develop, Code and Maintain Open Education Resource (OER) system
  • Plan, Design, Develop, Code and Maintain future e-learning technologies and system


 Corresponding to GOALS establishment officially on August 2011. KPI for helpdesk respond for every ticket is 24 hours (working hours). Students and lectures can submit their helpdesk ticket by using :
  • USIM Helpdesk system (
  • GOALS helpdesk e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  • Telephone (06-798 6066/6276/8046)
  • Walk-In (BIPP, GOAL-ITQAN Building)

In line with the time and technology, digital content can be a big impact for the students to learn something more effective teaching materials. Therefore, the Digital Content Development Unit was established to help lecturer in teaching and producing digital content for USIM, internal and external project. Among digital content that has been produced is for USIMOE and GACE project.


Others function from Digital Content Development Unit :

  • To develop the course content in the form of high-quality multimedia, and will then be uploaded into the GOALS to be adopted by all the lectures and students of USIM as a standard course material
  • To ensure that training materials will be developed in line with the course being taught, lectures appointed suggest that SME has taught courses to be developed. Course materials developed by the SCORM standard
  • To develop e-content for the academic programmes
  • Assist lectures in enhancing the use of e-learning and web 2.0 application/system/software
  • Components of a web-based courses :
    • HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) Contents
    • Portable Document Format (PDF) for student to print the content
    • Web 2.0 Application (Embed/Link)
    • SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model)
    • Online Forum/Quiz/Assignment
  • Responsible for ensuring the quality of the "Self Instructed Module" (SIM)


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